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note to self ...

UPDATED 07.03.04

¡el juego de helicóptero!

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(uh oh. looks like another sleepless night for chris ...)

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element 94
Friday. 10.8.04 4:49 pm
i moved:


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no matter how they rolled the dice, it had to be
Sunday. 10.03.04 09:01 pm >>> clue: nylon
mood: smiling

yup yup yup.

so, okay. yesterday. [deep breath]

i woke up at around 6 to get ready for the work day for the play that started at 7:30, but i had to leave at 8:30 for a soccer game. we totally spanked san mateo 5 to 1, and we were short two guys in the beginning and one guy at the end.

after the game was the rest of the usual AYSO hecticness, made worse by the fact that it was picture day. the afternoon consisted of a combination of taking soccer pictures, waiting for my siblings to take their pictures, or watching their games. then i finally got home to take a quick shower (second one of the day) and then ciara's family and puli came over to my house so that we could watch ryan's game together. i packed to sleep over at ciara's house, then we took off.

ryan's and anthony's team lost, but oh well. then i went over to ciara's and got ready for the big date. after a quick change of clothes, ciara's mom took me, ciara, puli, and ali to the daly city movie theater. during the whole car drive there i was freaking out about the date. we even planned a little signal in case the guy turned out to be a psycho killer. luckily we never had to use it.

we were kinda late, but it was cool. i called evan and told him to meet us at fuddruckers. so the four of us were walking towards fuddruckers from the parking garage, and i was freaking out. they kept pointing people out and saying "IS THAT HIM?" "THAT ONE'S HIM!" "OH, THAT ONE'S GOTTA BE HIM!" then finally we saw this guy with a maroon shirt walking towards fuddruckers and i was like "dude, guys, that's him." we were walking behind him so he didn't see us, but ciara and puli walked ahead to check him out. they were at the front of the place and asked him "is it open?" and he said "i dunno." meanwhile, i was walking with ali and freaking out. again.

finally, i walked into the lobby and he was waiting there. i said hi, then we walked in and ordered. stupid ciara, ali, and puli weren't hungry, so they just sat and watched evan and me eat. (even though we ordered separately, we happened to order the same thing. haha.) we talked about how our day went, past relationships with the opposite sex, and farts. haha. it was one of those "you had to be there" kinda things.

after dinner we went and watched "shaun of the dead" (funny ass movie) and then we went to kim's house. little bit of talking, looking at pictures, and dancing (!!!), then we decided to go to the park. after we got there, it was getting kinda late and we had to be at ciara's house in like 15 minutes, so we just decided to screw the park and go there. ali, eena, puli, and john were doing something super special outside, so ciara and i decided to teach evan how to cha-cha. it was fun, we danced for a long time, then kinda sat outside and watched the super special people do their thing for a bit. we finally got sick of it and retired to ciara's room. there we talked about a whole bunch of stuff and got comfortable around each other. it was really cool. haha, ciara's mom came in at one point and was like "no making out you guys" and we were like "don't worry, we won't." we really didn't. it was cool though, a nice and safe first date.

then it got late (around 1 i think?) and evan had to drive home even though he was super sleepy, so i walked him to his car and gave him a hug before he left. then i went back inside, got ready for bed, and drank a little 7-up. that cured my sleepiness, so after a while i decided to jump on ciara's computer and see who was online. lo and behold, evan was online, so we got to talk some more. then finally we both decided to go to sleep, so we signed off.

it was a great date, and we're planning another one soon. maybe next time it'll be just the two of us ...

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... and a homecoming queer
Thursday. 09.30.04 06:17 pm >>> clue: royalty
mood: EXfuckingCITED.

well i'm kinda bummed out that i can't go to the dance tomorrow, but that's okay. as long as it's not saturday night that's cancelled.

now, you may be thinking to yourself, "i wonder what's so special about saturday night?"

i, rick betita, have a date. yes, you read correctly, a date. and no, it's not with skyler -- yes, "skyler", it was a guy (who i'm totally over by the way) -- no, this guy blows skyler out of the water. i met him on xy.com, his name is evan, and he's totally cute. into theatre and music, and he sings ... [swoon] ... and he's not an airhead either. he's like super ambitious, not a lazy bum like SOMEONE i knew ...

i'm so excited. ciara, alisha, probably jen, and maybe a few other people will be coming as well to make sure he's not a crazy stalker guy (which i'm almost sure he isn't). i kinda think it's a bit much, me bringing a horde of people to meet this one guy, but whatever. we're going to have dinner somewhere near the daly city movie theatre i think, and then watch a movie later. i'm hoping they don't scare him away, because this guy seems like someone i'd like to get to know better.

and who knows, if things work out, he might be my homecoming date.

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oh what will it mean to a daydream believer
Friday. 09.24.04 12:27 am >>> clue: monkee
mood: longing

the quest for a homecoming date continues.

sigh. i think it would be cool to go to homecoming with a guy. i'm pretty sure i'll be out by then. i won't like be all freak nasty with him and gross out all the bible-belting jesus-freaks (i'll probably end up dancing with ciara a lot more), but i just think it would be really nice.

of course, in order for that to happen, i'd actually have to find a guy who's interested in me.


i'm probably going to end up going with ciara. NOT THAT IT'S A BAD THING. <3 ciara. but i dunno. whatever.

ps: i wanna go to sojourn.

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i want the world to know, have to let it show
Monday. 09.21.04 11:02 pm >>> clue: picnic!
mood: yus.


today was cool.

school was okay, i dunno, nothing special, but whatever. tried on costumes for the play today too. still nothing special, i guess.

i had behind-the-wheel class today, drove down el camino all the way to san carlos, it was cool. i also got to miss the drama parent meeting, which i heard was a load of bullcrap piled into a little ten-page packet.

after i drove to san carlos, i got to drive around the streets a bit, practice turning and whatnot, got more comfortable driving. then i had a game there, it was extra fun. it was all dark, because the game started at 8:00, so it was all dramatic with the stadium lights and stuff.

we totally kicked the other team's ass. screw the sportsmanship rule. 7-0, baby, and we didn't even try hard. we tried stopping after 4-0, something happened and we scored again 5-0, i think the sixth goal was an accident. our goalie kicked it really far and one of our forwards carried the ball on forward, but it was going too fast and it went right past the defenders and the goalie into the goal. we all got mad at the forward because we were supposed to stop scoring, but he was like "i didn't touch it! i swear!" then there were like a couple minutes left in the game and we decided to score one more just for the hell of it.

and as i was walking to the car from the field, one of the guys from the other team flipped me off. haha, like that's going to help your score, asshole. whatever.


hehe. oh yeah, one more thing ...

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you never call, skylar, when you say you will
Saturday. 09.18.04 07:27 pm >>> clue: foundation
mood: so close, yet so far.

what's worse than staying home on a friday night? staying home on a saturday nigt.

damn it, life, quit throwing baseballs at my nads.

remember how i said i really really wanted to go on a date today? well. i got extremely close.

i was talking to skylar last night and even though things weren't set in stone, we kinda sorta planned one. i said "text my cell when you find out your plans tomorrow." we were going to see a movie at the metreon or something.

so anyway, this morning i woke up and got ready for my soccer game. we scored four goals in the first quarter, and then our coach told us to slow it down a bit. you see, in AYSO, there's this stupid sportsmanship rule where you're not allowed to be more than five goals ahead of the other team, or else you get penalized. so we slowed it down, and they scored two goals on us before the half. we got a little pep talk, then in the second half we scored two more. just before the game ended they scored again, so the score was 6-3. we still won, but it still kinda sucks. in the first quarter we were on fire and we purposely missed easy shots so that we wouldn't have too much of a lead, but it seemed like we got good shots when we weren't allowed to score and sucky shots when we were really trying. oh well. a win is a win.

then i got home and rested a bit. my mom was going to drop off my little brother and sister down at the field and then come back and pick me and my brother up afterwards, but last minute she changed plans and was like "EVERYONE IN THE CAR RIGHT NOW WE'RE LATE COME ON!!" and she hella had a hissy fit. so we all rushed into the van and she was yelling and driving hella fast. mind you, this is one big-ass van, so driving really fast down a hill isn't the best idea. finally i got fed up and told her to calm down, and she was like "WHY WEREN'T YOU GUYS READY WHEN I ASKED YOU TO BE?" and i was hella like "well you said you were going to go down and drop off bodhi and zoe and then come back for us, then you changed the plans at the last minute. don't try and blame it on us." and she didn't say anything. heh. i felt so empowered. it's like the first time in my whole life that i've ever talked back to my mom without her yelling back me. you don't know how tempted i was to yell "IN YO' FACE" to her.

but yeah. that got everyone in a pretty bad mood when we got to the soccer field. i didn't feel like watching their games because that would mean i'd have to sit by my that volatile mother of mine, so i just sat in the dugout of a nearby baseball field listening to my mp3s. i fell asleep sitting up, and next thing i know some girl in a referee's uniform is waking me up. i blinked my eyes a couple of times and recognized ciara, and she gave me the beat-down for sleeping at a soccer game (she hates it whenever i sleep where i'm not supposed to be sleeping). then she had to go side ref for a game, and i tried to go back to sleep but i couldn't. the game was over anyway, and we went back home.

as of yet, i still haven't received a text from skylar. i even left my AIM on all day with an away message on, but still nothing.

i knew it was too good to be true.

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